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Case Study: Optimizing Fleet Management for an Auto Company with Tableau Analytics

Project Overview

Dateo embarked on a transformative project with an Auto Company that specializes in the acquisition and management of both new and used vehicles, including cars and trucks, for rental and sale purposes. The challenge was significant: over four years, the Auto Company faced a rapid increase in maintenance costs, raising concerns about their vehicle procurement strategies.


The primary goal was to analyze Auto Company’s fleet data to identify patterns and factors contributing to the escalating maintenance costs. The aim was to provide actionable insights that would guide better vehicle purchasing decisions, ultimately reducing maintenance expenses.


  1. Data Integration and Preparation:
      • Connected to the Auto Company’s Microsoft SQL Server, the central data warehouse.
      • Extracted essential data by creating a list of necessary columns from their database.
      • Utilized SQL joins to amalgamate columns from different tables into a cohesive report.
      • Implemented stored procedures with vehicle and truck models as parameters, enhancing efficiency in report generation.
  2. Data Transformation and Quality Assurance:
      • Transferred data to Tableau Server after performing necessary transformations like data type conversions, cleaning of nulls, removing duplicates, and outlier detection.
      • Employed Calculated MDX fields to create new, insightful columns, ensuring 100% data accuracy.

        Data Modeling and Visualization:
  • Conducted data modeling to delineate relationships within tables.
  • Segmented data based on dimensions (model, mileage, vehicle age) and facts (maintenance cost, purchase cost, and vehicle depreciation).
  • Developed various visualizations and a comprehensive dashboard in Tableau, showcasing maintenance costs in relation to mileage and vehicle models.


The visualizations provided by Dateo offered the Auto Company’s a clear and detailed perspective on the impact of mileage and model types on maintenance costs. This insight enabled the Auto Company to:

  • Make informed decisions about which vehicle types to purchase, focusing on models with lower maintenance costs at certain mileage thresholds.
  • Avoid investment in vehicles likely to incur higher maintenance costs based on their mileage and model.


Within a year of implementing Dateo’s recommendations, the Auto Company’s observed a substantial reduction in maintenance costs. This not only optimized their fleet management but also enhanced the profitability of their vehicle investments.


Dateo’s expertise in data analytics and business intelligence, leveraged through tools like Tableau and SQL Server, proved instrumental in transforming the Auto Company’s fleet management strategy. This case study exemplifies Dateo’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions that drive significant business improvements.

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